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Hero of the Week

Did you ever wish you knew how to fix your own air conditioning system, rather than pay a guy $1,000 to get it running again?  Or that you could fix that leak in the ceiling without calling a plumber and a contractor?   In these modern times most people can’t change their own oil, much less demonstrate technical skill for fixing things.  

Of course the Professor on “Gilligan’s Island” could make a radio out of a coconut but couldn’t fix the hole in the boat.  (Maybe he enjoyed being stranded with Ginger and Mary Ann and just pretended he couldn’t find a way off the island.)  And who could forget McGyver, the secret agent who didn’t like to use a gun but could make a torpedo out of a boiler with sticks, rocks, and rags.   We have our own McGyver at Adams Insurance and his name is Keith Huber.  (But watch out, Keith does like to use a gun and he was the first place winner at our recent ‘Shoot Out at the Dos.’)
‘Huber’ as Mr. A calls him, heard there was a problem with water leakage at Our Savior Lutheran School.  Management was told it would cost $2500 to have someone come out to fix the water softener.  Huber thought that sounded like too much to pay, so he investigated himself.  He managed to figure out what was wrong and fix it at the cost for parts:  $179! 
Now that’s what we like to call ‘ridin’ for the brand.’   Thanks Keith!

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