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Immigration Reform: Let's Get It Right!

Our current Immigration laws have not worked!  Just like Obamacare and Roe v Wade, they need to be abolished!  At one time slavery was the rule of law in this country.  Thank God that law was abolished!

Protecting American citizens against foreign invaders including terrorists is imperative!  Continued effort to improve border security on all fronts is a necessity.  However, it is not an excuse to delay the following:

1) Modernization of our 1936 Social Security card (too easy to counterfeit).
2) We must demand a positive ID of every non-citizen in this country, including a criminal background check.
3) Create a guest worker program that includes a positive ID, medical screening, and a criminal background check for violent crimes (a pathway to temporary residency only).
4) Guest workers must be allowed to work only for employers that deduct and match taxes (otherwise most will continue to be misclassified as independent contractors).

There are many other details to be considered, including appropriate fines, temporary status, ability to earn permanent residency (back of line provisions for citizenship), and incentives for employers to hire citizens first.  However, the most important provision will be to require the positively identified guest workers to only work for employers that deduct and match taxes!

NO one can dispute that ICE and Homeland Security concentrate on employers with I-9 records because business owners that have no employees have no such records.

Misclassification has become prevalent in the construction industry.  More and more employers are encouraged to cheat and avoid matching Social Security and Medicare.  They also avoid Workers Compensation and Unemployment Taxes because they “have no employees!”   In most cases, they avoid paying overtime!

Now comes the “Affordable” Care Act.  What more incentive does an employer need to misclassify?  Why not call all of your workers “independent contractors” and pay them with a 1099? 

Congress is about to have an opportunity to seriously address immigration.  Capturing the payroll taxes on 5 to 7 million workers will go a long way to help Social Security and Medicare!

Republicans and Democrats are all in this together.  Congress is about to address immigration.  Members of Congress need to hear from you!

Please communicate with your Congressman.

God bless you, and may God continue to bless America!


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