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The Key to a Successful Safety Program

Employers and risk management professionals have long recognized the importance of a safety committee in successful safety programs. The functions of the safety committee are twofold: to improve the physical and the behavioral aspects of a safety program. Upper management working with frontline employees is of the utmost importance in cultivating a safe working environment.

How is a safety committee formed?

A successful safety committee has well-defined authority levels. The committee’s success depends on support from upper management.

The scope of the committee will depend on the experience and expertise of its members. Clear and concise expectations of the committee must be spelled out.

Authority may be given to only investigate accidents to identify the cause and other potential hazards. Broader authority may be given to a more seasoned committee to conduct facility inspections and possibly shut down operations that are deemed unsafe until corrective measures can be taken.

What does a safety committee do?

The main function of a safety committee is to create a safer work environment for all employees. To be successful, the committee requires active employee participation, which can happen only when employees believe their opinions and suggestions are valued.

A clear mode of communication to encourage discussions between employees and the safety committee should be established. It should provide employees the opportunity to submit recommendations for improvement and follow with clear explanations of actions taken and reasons why.

What role do employees play?

Some of the best safety practices come from employees. Those practices should be shared and disseminated for the benefit of all employees. It is the responsibility of the safety committee to be a conduit of employee ideas and best practices.

The safety committee plays an important role in cultivating a safety-conscious culture from which both employees and the employer benefit. Support from management and good communication with employees are major factors in determining success. Employees will take an active role in this safety effort if it is truly seen as a partnership where opinions are valued and corrective action is taken.

How can we help?

Adams Insurance Service is one of the most experienced insurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting firms Houston.  We are proud to serve some of the finest businesses in Texas.

Our Property and Casualty team includes Mike Macomber, who brings over 25 years of experience and is often on the road to help advise clients and their employees on safety programs and management practices.  His knowledge and experience have earned the trust of businesses all over the Gulf Coast. 

Mike and the team at Adams Insurance can provide you with custom materials to help the safety committee jumpstart your safety program.  We can help you educate your employees and promote a safety-conscious culture with access to materials on a variety of topics:

·       Employee safety manuals

·       Safety meeting talks

·       Flyers and payroll stuffers

·       Employee safety newsletters

·       Programs and training materials

·       Quizzes

·       Checklists

·       Forms

·       Posters

Let us know how we can help your team with safety concerns and risk management today!  




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