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Washington Landslide - Coverage?

These heartbreaking aerial photos from Washington state depict the devasting impact of the landslide on the small village of Oso, Washington.  Larger comparision photos can be found here.  Oso appears to have been wiped off the map.  Homes, businesses, and lives have been lost.  Is there any insurance coverage?  Many experts think the answer, sadly, is "no."  From Insurance Business America:

Insurers, adjusters and agents with clients in the tiny village of Oso, Wash. have been busy fielding calls, making site visits and offering condolences to the 100-plus residents who lost homes, businesses and even family members when a huge landslide smashed through the valley community Saturday. One thing they have not been doing, however, is preparing to make payouts.
That’s all down to a tragic lack of appropriate coverage, says NW Council President Karl Newman.
“Landslides aren’t covered under standard home and business owner policies. The only policy we are aware of that covers landslide damage is difference in conditions (DIC) coverage, and most people don’t have it,” Newman told Insurance Business. “Right now, what most insurers are doing is making themselves available and ready to talk to their insureds, but they are in a position where they can’t provide coverage. It’s such an absolutely heartbreaking circumstance for everyone.”
So too in Texas.  Your typical homeowner's policy will not coverage damage due to landslide.  

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