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Norm's Desk

Keep up with our fearless leader right here! Join the fight or just admire the grit.



What's New at

Welcome to the new website!  Here is what is new and improved:


The first difference you may notice is how you got here.  We have a new url:  If you used to get here, that one still works as well.  But, our office web home is now  Why the change?  Well, the address was often mistaken as "Adam Sins," which may or may not lead you to a family friendly website and may or may not make it through certain internet filters.

A New Look

We wanted our website to be an online reflection of our culture and personality.  You might call it "Texas-chic."  We are different from most insurance brokers and agents and we wanted our website to reflect that.  We also wanted it to be simple and user friendly, which is why it will not take you very long to navigate your way through it.  

Our Team

We finally did it.  We took pictures.  Herding cats is probably easier.  Here they are and I have to say that they made us look pretty good. 

Full Service

The box on the top right is the primary user interface.  You will see options there to submit a claim, start a quote, order a certificate,  request a bond, or even obtain a builders risk quote.  Click the button, complete the form, and get things going.  Our intention here is to provide additional means for service.  Picking up the phone, sending an email, and the office pop-in still work too!

Picture Teasers

The big box in the middle highlights what is new and hot on the website.  We will track trending topics and make sure they get highlighted here.  

Social Media links

The top left has links to all our social media pages.  Please "like" us!

Newsletter Subscription

We have also revamped the newsletter.  We are calling it the "Adams Express."  We want to put it in your inbox once a week and spotlight the newest information and trending topics on the blog.  If you are not signed up, all you have to do is enter your email address.

The Blog

Right down the middle is the blog formerly known as "The Dec Page."  Here is the heart of the current news and information on the site.  We have made it easier to print and share articles.  In addition, we have revamped our comments section to make it easier to comment through your existing Facebook account (posting to Facebook is totally optional).  We have also created a "Related Posts" window that tracks the tags of any article you are reading and shows related posts on the site.  


Here is where we will spotlight one of outstanding team members each month.  This will allow you to get to know the faces that go with names that put the "service" into Adams Insurance Service.

Please let us know if you like the updates!



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