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Workers' Compensation and Employer’s Liability

Can you name the three wicked sisters of the common law?  See below for the answer.  We are far removed from the days of the common law when it comes to worker injuries.  Workers' compensation laws were formed as bargains between employers and employees.  The employees receive no-fault protection for their injuries on the job.  Employers receive the sole remedy protection that bars lawsuits from their own employees.  It has been an effective bargain for both groups.  

Workers' compensation insurance can be one of your single largest insurance expenses.  The safety of your workplace also has a direct impact on your workers' compensation costs.  For contractors, your workers' compensation modifier can make the difference in a contract award or second place.          

Make sure your agent understands how it all fits together.  Adams Insurance can help you design an effective and efficient safety program that will put you on the path to lower workers' compensation premiums and a more competitive modifier.

Texas workers' compensation is also unique in many ways.  Make sure you are taking advantage of the carrier networks now offered under Texas law.  

Texas is also one of the only states where workers' compensation insurance is optional.  Non-subscription programs are cost effective alternative for many employers.  Adams Insurance has the expertise to analyze whether a non-subscription program is right for your business and help you establish one.  

So, do you know who the three wicked sisters were?  This was a slang term for three common law defenses routinely used by employers to deny liability for the injuries of their employees.  They were contributory negligence, fellow servant rule, and assumption of the risk.  They were called the wicked sisters because they were so effective at barring any legal recovery for an employee for  on the job injuries. 


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