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The Texas Solution Moves Forward to Tampa!

We got great news last week! The Guest Worker Program part of our Texas Solution has been added to the Immigration platform of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Brad Bailey has been working non-stop to get this in front of Republicans in Florida, and we now have it as part of the plank on immigration. Brad said, "We now have two immigration platforms that our elected officials can run toward, versus running from. We have given our leaders the opportunity to listen to American business owners and American farmers and finally address our nation's broken immigration policy with conservative free-market solutions."

Hispanic voters are key in determining who will be our next President of the United States. This platform plank should send a message that Republicans are willing to move toward finding a real solution, while helping business owners who must deal with an ever increasing shortage of people willing to do manual labor jobs.

The Kris Kobach (Fair U.S. and Numbers USA) approach is not going to work!  Jason L. Riley from the Wall Street Journal summed it up today:


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