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When Is It Too Late to Get Storm Coverage?

Every hurricane season we wait to see if that tropical depression will turn into a tropical storm and then turn into a hurricane that could make landfall on the Texas coast.

I grew up in Houston and I can’t remember ever contemplating evacuation as an option.  When I was a kid, my dad boarded up the windows and we ‘hunkered down’ for hurricanes.  I don’t think they were bad parents, but since Katrina, Rita and Ike came along all that has changed.   We should have our hurricane ‘bug-out bags’ ready to go and be able to hit the road at a moment’s notice only to sit in traffic for 10 hours. 

I learned in scouts that you should always ‘be prepared,’ so it’s never bad to have supplies ready (see our pre-hurricane checklist here:  Don’t wait until the shelves at Kroger and Home Depot have been ransacked.  And regardless of when you decide to leave for higher ground, you want to know that your home and the belongings you leave behind are covered.

So you’ve thought of everything, and then, ‘Oops!  Our house doesn’t have insurance for this!’  When is it too late to get coverage for a hurricane?

First, there’s no such thing as ‘hurricane insurance.’  And your regular homeowner’s insurance should cover windstorm, but it will be subject to a very large deductible  (1%, 2%, or even 5% of the home value).   It will not cover flood.  You need a separate flood insurance policy for that.

It’s too late to get insured once a storm is declared a hurricane and in the Gulf of Mexico, and keep in mind there is a 30 day wait to enforce any flood insurance policy. 

So don’t wait until the next Isaac comes along to get coverage for your home.  Call us at 713-869-8346 and let us get you a quote!

 For more about the difference between windstorm and flood:


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